Western Serbia Bike Tours include: We provide (based on agreement):
  • Cycling and exploring wild, spectacular and untouched nature

  • Discovering Medieval archeological sites

  • Discovering Serbian significant religious, cultural and historical places and buildings.

  • 15 km train ride on the old train

  • Tour guide (optional)

  • Adventurous Drina and Tara rafting (optional)

  • True adventure!

  • High class touring E-bike (with 4 modes for battery-powered assist)

  • full charged battery

  • Protective headgear

  • Locking device for securing parked bike

  • Luggage transfer to each checkpoint

  • Technical assistance for any malfunctions (repairing or replacing the bike)

  • Small repairs kit

  • Navigational device with GPS track

  • 2-3 stars accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner included)

  • Tour guide (only for guided tours)

  • Western Serbia Bike Tour is our most adventurous cycling tour with difficult mountain terrain and possible Drina or Tara rafting combination. This Serbian region provides various cycling possibilities since its scenery is rich with mountain roads, forest roads, rivers, lakes, National Parks and other tourist attractions.
    However, there are couple of places that we consider important for you to experience in Western Serbia and very exciting for you to include them in cycle tours.

    The Drina River

    Drina is powerful mountain river on the Western boundaries of Serbia with its raw power tamed by dams as well as two beautiful lakes - Zvornik and Perućac Lake known as fishing paradise. Besides the mentioned lakes, Drina forms huge canyon along its course with extraordinary nature which mostly contributes to magnificent impression that this river leaves on anyone who travels through. Staggering winding course of its water flow is captured in Serbian saying “Straightening the crooked Drina” referring to doing the job or task that is obviously futile.
    There are numerous regattas and rafting adventures organized during the whole summer along the Drina River and its lakes, and if you are interested, we can include rafting in our offer too.

    The Tara Mountain

    Tara Mountain – the home of ancient Slavic gods – is famous for its wild and untouched nature with huge fauna and flora diversity and represents one of the best recreational centers in Serbia. Tara was declared a National Park in 1981, with 53 mammal species and 153 species of birds living there.
    Among its spectacular natural ambient there are several archeological sites on Tara such as medieval fortress Solotnik, medieval tombstones in Perućac called “stećci”, as well as 13th century monastery – Rača.
    Besides the mountain roads, in its southern slopes is Zaovine Lake with its spectacular scenery - perfect location for cycling.
    Also, nearby Tara, there are several places and things which you must not miss to see. One of them is Mokra gora (Wet Mountain) with its lush nature and unique village Drvengrad (Wooden town) made by famous film director Emir Kusturica. Village is relatively new but old-fashioned, made in wood and in traditional style. That is the place where Kusturica started his film festival “Kustendorf”.
    Just to emphasize your experience of Mokra gora, be sure to take a train ride on the old train called “Ćira” along the Šargan eight – amazingly narrow 15.440 m long railway track with wonderful steep and rocky landscape, more than 5 bridges and 22 tunnels, breathtaking viewpoints and nearby waterfall sounds.

    The Zlatibor Mountain

    The Zlatibor Mountain at the height of 700 – 1500 m is one of the most popular tourist and health center in Serbia with its peaks Čigota (1.422 m) and Tornik (1.496 m) and two artificial lakes. Literally translated, name of this mountain means “The golden pine” and by the legend, it was named after white pines with yellow needles which gave impression of gold covered slopes of this mountain. The last “golden” pine can today be found in the Negbina village.
    Zlatibor is famous for its mild climate, mineral water springs, sports centers and sports activities as well as tasty food. Some of the major food specialties here are smoked meat called Pršuta, cheese, kajmak (clotted cream with particular taste) and komplet lepinja (a kind of bun with eggs, kajmak and gravy inside). You got to try it, it will definitely recharge your energy for further pedaling!

    The Uvac River

    At the southern slopes of Zlatibor, Uvac River makes beautiful canyons with almost unbelievable naturally carved meanders and cristal clear water surace. It was declared special reservation since it unspoiled natural wealth is being enriched by 24 different species of fish, 219 herbal species and 172 species of birds – with Griffon vulture as a symbol of Uvac Canyon.
    The Uvac river with its ambience represent maybe the most beautiful corners of Serbia and you could not possibly cycling through it and stay immune to its unbelievable natural beauty.
    There is plenty more to feel, see, taste and experience in Western Serbia but we’ll leave it to you!
    Call us on +381 65 CYCLING and let us know what part of Western Serbia do you want to experience and we will arrange your own special Western Serbia cycling tour and send you the offer with price for the entire tour.