This recommended Iron Gate (Đerdap – in Serbian) bike tour lasts for 2 days – 1 overnight.

Activities: : We provide: :
  • Cycling rides with experienced guides

  • Visiting historical and cultural monuments and spots

  • Group evenings and dinners
  • High class touring E-bike (with 4 modes for battery-powered assist)

  • full charged battery

  • Protective headgear

  • Locking device for securing parked bike

  • Luggage transfer to each checkpoint

  • Technical assistance for any malfunctions (repairing or replacing the bike)

  • Small repairs kit

  • Navigational device with GPS track

  • 2-3 stars accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner included)

  • Tour guide (only for guided tours)

  • DAY 1

    Meeting at Silver Lake near Veliko Gradište from where our cycling tour starts.
    Pedaling along Danube River and EuroVelo 6 route.
    Passing (or making an optional detour to) Iron Gate national park with its several attractions such as:

  • Iron Gates gorge - forming natural gateway through the southern slopes of the Carpathian mountains;
  • Golubac Fortress - medieval fortified town on the right side of Danube built during 14th century on a embankment of the Danube for the purpose of guarding the narrow Iron Gate gorge;
  • Lepenski Vir - important archeological site of the European Mesolithic culture.

  • Geographic position and natural conditions of this part of Serbia caused the human history to write itself at this location through ages. You will be fascinated with its scenery!
    Cozy overnight in eco-ethno complex “Kapetan Mišin Breg” in the Heart of the Iron Gate gorge or in Donji Milanovac – depending on the cycling pace of the group. Your luggage will be deliver to your in your room.

    DAY 2

    Cycling continues along Danube and EuroVelo 6 route.
    We’ll be passing two Danube gorges “Veliki Kazan” and “Mali Kazan” - the narrowest and the widest parts of Danube. From there, on the left (Romanian) side of the Danube, you can see the largest stone statue in Europe – statue of Decebalus, the last king of Dacians whose name suppose to mean “The strength of Dacians”.
    Following the Danube cycling route to Iron Gate I Power Plant with the largest dam on Danube and one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe build as a joint-venture between Romania and former Yugoslavia.
    Our Journey ends in Kladovo, from where you will be transported to the department point - Silver Lake.

      Price for the tour:
    • 2 – 3 persons - 200€ each
    • 4+ persons - 180€ each
    • + 150€ for guide per day (if wanted)