About us

Adventure Cycling Sport Association is a team, or more like a family, of passionate cyclists who enjoy tourism, love Serbia, have great respect for cultural heritage, adore their 2 wheels, curiously explore nature and always seek for a great adventure!
We formed ACSA in purpose of gathering all the people who share our passion!
We are dedicated to:
★  promoting cycling, sport and healthy life in general
★  supporting Serbian tourism
★  protecting and restoring cultural heritage
★  respecting the nature and preserving it
★  respecting people and pursuit for new friendships
★  leading fulfilled life through constant seeking for new journeys and adventures
For those reasons we provided high class touring E-Bikes, so that anyone can enjoy cycling, no matter what age or in what physical shape you are. Riding our E-bikes will be fun and enjoyable.
Besides that, we decided to organize Belgrade and Serbia cycling routes so that you can test your spirit, fully discover and remember Serbia by this marvelous two wheels adventures filled with new friendships, gorgeous scenery, memorable tastes and fascinating history.

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