Eastern Serbia Bike Tours include: WE PROVIDE (BASED ON AGREEMENT):
  • Enjoyable cycling along Danube river – EuroVelo 6 route;

  • Beautiful scenery consistent of valleys and gorges along the Danube;

  • Breathtaking viewpoint spots;

  • Marvelous historical places and monuments - from early Mesolithic
    where first human settlement started, through Medieval fortress up to present day;

  • Tasteful and unforgettable local food and drinks;

  • Tour guide (optional)

  • Exciting adventure!

  • High class touring E-bike (with 4 modes for battery-powered assist)

  • full charged battery

  • Protective headgear

  • Locking device for securing parked bike

  • Luggage transfer to each checkpoint

  • Technical assistance for any malfunctions (repairing or replacing the bike)

  • Small repairs kit

  • Navigational device with GPS track

  • 2-3 stars accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner included)

  • Tour guide (only for guided tours)

  • Our cycling tours are meant for everyone because they can be fully arranged to fit your interests, physical conditions and preferences. Our high class touring e-bikes with battery-powered pedal assistant will make your pedaling easier and gliding over the different terrain leisure/relaxed and fun.
    Usually, Eastern Serbia Bike Tour starts at Silver Lake (near Veliko Gradište) – one of the best-known holiday resorts in Serbia with is sandy beaches and variety of fresh-water fish. It got its name because of the silver-like glistening of water surface, when the sun goes its way somewhere behind the Carpathian Mountains.
    From there, we are pedaling via EuroVelo 6 route and along the Danube River with its beautiful scenery and banks which understand and accept humanity better than we do, since Danube has a long history of human settlements on its shores.
    Riding along the Danube, we are entering the magnificent Iron Gate gorge (Đerdap gorge – as known in Serbia) which forms natural gateway through the southern slopes of the Carpathians.
    Iron Gate national park starts form the gorge and all the way to the Iron Gate I Power Plant, with its dam, which is one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe build as a joint-venture between Romania and former Yugoslavia.
    There are several must-see checkpoints along the Iron Gate national park.
    Golubac Fortress - medieval fortified town on the right side of Danube, built during 14th century on an embankment of the Danube for the purpose of guarding the narrow Iron Gate gorge. For its strategic position, it was first Roman settlement (before construction of Fortress) and in the possession of Bulgarians, Serbs, Ottomans, Hungarians and Serbs again after 1867.
    Lepenski Vir - important archeological site of the European Mesolithic culture with its earliest marks of human settlement from year 9.400 B.C. to 7.500 year B.C. Naturally formed river terraces along Danube where perfect spot for the first fisherman-hunter-collector communities to settle and slowly get accustomed to non-nomad way of life.
    Two Danube gorges “Veliki Kazan” and “Mali Kazan” - the narrowest and the widest parts of Danube
    Staute of Decebalus on the left (Romanian) side of the Danube - the largest stone statue in Europe. It is the statue of the last king of Dacians whose name supposed to mean “The strength of Dacians”.
    For all of you who prefer modern human accomplishments, at the end of the Iron Gate national park is Iron Gate I Power Plant with the largest dam on Danube built by Yugoslavian and Romanian engineers from 1964 to 1972.
    Our journey ends in Kladovo from where you will be transported back to our starting point - Silver Lake.
    Besides, all things you’ll see and experience along the way, local food and drinks will awake all of your senses and make Eastern Serbia unforgettable.

    Price of the tour depends on the things that you want to include in your custom made Eastern Serbia journey. Once you let us know all of your preferences, we’ll be glad to contact you with the offer. For more detailed information, please check out our Recommended Iron Gate bike tour.
    Contact us directly on +381 65 292 5464 to arrange your own bike tour adventure through gorgeous nature, early human history and mind-blowing tastes of Eastern Serbia!