Central Serbia Bike Tours include: We provide (based on agreement):
  • Enjoyable cycling through unique scenery consistent of thick forests and orchard valleys;

  • Vojvodina and Šumadija wine routes with wine tasting;

  • Discovering Serbian significant religious, cultural and historical places and buildings.

  • Tasteful and unforgettable local specialties;

  • Natural mineral water springs;

  • Tour guide (optional)

  • Joyful adventure!

  • High class touring E-bike (with 4 modes for battery-powered assist)

  • full charged battery

  • Protective headgear

  • Locking device for securing parked bike

  • Luggage transfer to each checkpoint

  • Technical assistance for any malfunctions (repairing or replacing the bike)

  • Small repairs kit

  • Navigational device with GPS track

  • 2-3 stars accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner included)

  • Tour guide (only for guided tours)

  • Central Serbia cycling tour will be enjoyable and fun for everyone regardless of your physical conditions since it can be arranged to fit your needs and interests. Besides that, our e-bikes provide you with battery-powered pedal assistant which could make cycling easier whenever you need to rest your legs.
    This cycling adventure usually starts at Fruška Gora National Park – set on the loan mountain in the plains of Vojvodina. This National Park has its distinctive character based on the greatest concentration of linden trees grouping together. Also, its nature is famous for over 700 species of medicinal herbs growing within these forests. Those thick forests create unique scenery for the higher sections of this mountain, but the lower valleys of Fruška Gora are famous for orchards and vineyards that are centuries old. It’s not strange that wine tasting at many vineyards located there is such a popular activity and represents vivid carnival for your sense of taste.
    Besides it peaceful and greenery nature, Fruška Gora hides 16 orthodox monasteries built from late 15th and the 16th century which are important and valuable to Serbian people in religious, cultural and historical sense since those monasteries where focal point of Serbian culture migrated under Ottomans Empire. These monasteries are widely famous for its architecture, frescoes, libraries as well as treasuries.
    At the edge of the National Park, on right side of the Danube, lays the unique baroque city of Sremski Karlovci which was political, educational and spiritual center of the Serbs in the 18th century with a various interesting historical stories within it.
    From there, our bike tour continues towards Belgrade and moving forward to Central Serbia – Šumadija which represents true Serbian spiritual and cultural centre.
    With its historical and mostly war legacy, every stone in Šumadija has its own story to tell. That is way you can find a lot of roadside stone marking (in Serbia known as Krajputaši) which reminds all the travelers of glorious history being written there.
    Besides many monasteries that we will pass cycling along the way, Church of St. George in Oplenac, the endowment of King Petar I Krađorđević , is especially interesting for its unusually beautiful mosaics.
    Central Serbia and Šumadija in particularly has its own wine routs with famous orchards, vineyards and wine cellars near Topola and Oplenac. First written documents of wine growing in this area date from the middle of 15th century. Every village in Central Serbia is still proud to their wine and brandy making tradition.
    Besides wine and brandy, the landmark of this region are numerous medically proven natural mineral water springs available for everyone.
    Above all, Central Serbia is especially proud to its food - proja (cornbread), cheese, kajmak (clotted cream with particular taste) and smoked meat which can lift your spirit, heal your soul and cheer you up faster than local villager with two glasses of brandy.
    Price of the Central Serbia Bike Tour depends on your preferences for this tour.
    Contact us on +381 65 292 5464 and we will be glad to present you the offer for this spirit-lifting journey.