Belgrade Tower Bike Tour

Our Belgrade Tower Bike Tour is enjoyable, perfectly balanced urban and countryside cycling tour for all of you who want to feel warm and playful Belgrade soul and then move a little bit away to a higher ground to see its entire sparkling beauty from there.
This bike tour starts at Kalemegdan Fortress with its walls and Towers made during several different periods and by different conquerors. It was built in stages from 1st to 18th century from Romans, Byzantines, through medieval Serbian Despotate up to Austrian and Ottoman empires. Beside historical monuments, it provides an amazing view on the Sava and Danube river confluence.
Moving forward over the Serbian National Assembly, all the way to the Temple of Saint Sava - one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.
From there, our journey continues to Avala – 511m small mountain at the south-eastern corner of Belgrade which provides glorious panoramic view of entire city, as well as surrounding Serbian regions - Vojvodina and Šumadija. Avala - mountain with the true Serbian spirit, has proved itself as a guardian of life with over 600 plant species and almost 100 spices of birds living there even though is a small mountain. You will enjoy full breathing fresh scent of the countryside.
There you will also find Monument of the Unknown Hero – World War I memorial build on the location of former medieval town Žrvno.
Our journey will finish at Belgrade Tower – true symbol of Belgrade 204.68 m tall with its cross section of an equilateral triangle - the symbol of Serbian tripod chair. There is viewpoint on the Tower on height of 122 m.

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    Price for the tour:
  • 2 – 3 persons - 50€ each
  • 4+ persons - 40€ each