Belgrade River Bike Tour

Discover the Belgrade with our River Bike Tour. It’s a unique leisure paced cycling journey through interlaced historical, traditional and urban spirit of Belgrade.
Journey starts from the Temple of Saint Sava - the largest Orthodox place of worship in Balkans, over the National Assembly of Serbia and through cheerful-spirited city crowd to Belgrade Fortress.
You will be amazed to see round and round turning of your 2 wheels in the rhythm of Belgrade hearth beating.
Belgrade Fortress – Kalemegdan, you’ll find breathtaking. Don’t worry it won’t be caused by long pedaling, but by its authentic beauty. Kalemegdan was being demolished and rebuilt by different conquerors and liberators through ages – from Roman to Ottoman Empire, with each civilization leaving its mark there.
After that, smooth descending to the rivers – Sava and Danube – with its anchored boats by the shore (locally called “Splavovi”) which gave entirely different perspective to the city night-life and made Belgrade night-life partying unique and memorable.
Following rivers to the 18th and 19th century architecture of Zemun Old Town – the last frontier of Austria-Hungary Empire until World War I and Gardoš Tower – also known as Millennial tower build by Hungarians with different historical styles eclectically mixed.
Our Journey ends back at Sava River and Ada Ciganlija – with its artificial Sava Lake and beach commonly referred as Belgrade's Sea!

    Price for the tour:
  • 2 – 3 persons - 50€ each
  • 4+ persons - 40€ each